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Of course, Fox News whose hysterical coverage no doubt inspired Trump to ramp up his autocratic crackdown in the first place is backing him to the hilt, as are many of the Republicans running for election down ballot from this historically unpopular president. That seems like a dumb move, likely to alienate any voters who weren’t already on board, but then again, what else do they have? With the coronavirus pandemic raging out of control and the economy in the toilet, Republicans certainly can’t claim they’ve done a competent job and deserve to keep on doing it. Violence and racism may not be a winning message in this year of historic turmoil and change, but at this point, it’s all Trump and his party have left..

After being discontinued a few years ago, city police resumed their canine program, and Minier recently selected to become the bureau first canine officer in several years, Hagan said. Both the officer and his partner, Tacoma, successfully completed training at the Canine Academy at Shallow Creek Kennels Inc. In Mercer County.

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