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If I didn’t make the decision to start when I did I would be less wealthy than I am now. Do the math. Twelve months times $540 = $6,480 per year for the SUV times five years is $32,400 + a $5,000 down payment = $37,400. The ultimatum is clear: Get it right and actually rebuild through the draft, finally or hit the road. »Hey, look, the onus is on us to hit on these picks moving forward, » Douglas said Monday during a conference call with reporters.Actually trading Adams who had become an obnoxious tired act was the easy part. Now comes the bigger challenge for Douglas, in these next two, potentially transformative drafts.Yes, Douglas came to the Jets last offseason from the Eagles after the draft with a reputation for keen eyed college scouting. But Jets fans have heard that selling point before, with Douglas’ predecessor, Mike Maccagnan.

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