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One dreamer shared a dream of finding a magical egg. She was able to open the over top and discovered it had a beam of light. She used this magical egg flashlight to shed light onto her path so she can get home. We launched our « Stay Home, Play Together » initiative to bring our players together when physical distancing is keeping us apart, and we’ve delivered dozens of Stay Play programs to date, from special community livestreams and giveaways, to athletes and celebrities playing our games with fans. The full extent of the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic to our business, operations and financial results will depend on numerous evolving factors that we are not able to predict. Where relevant, financial data for fiscal 2020 is recast for comparability.

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Both! That’s one of the huge benefits of visiting this city. It’s an ancient and exceptionally historic town with some world renowned sites, such as Hohensalzburg Fortress and Mozart’s birthplace and later family home. The old town is also a delight.

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