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With a mostly clear sky, all that sunshine will make for another hot one. We won’t have much of a breeze, so you’ll really be feeling that afternoon high near 90 The humidity will gradually starting creeping upward through the weekend, too. A stray shower isn’t totally impossible Saturday, but better rain chances are in the forecast Sunday..

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If your workplace has a quiet place for such meditation, use that place. Some people listen to tapes in their cars during their breaks if they are comfortable and parked in a safe environment. Once you feel comfortable using imagery, you can learn to let outside noises fade into the background since they are not important or threatening to you.Being physically comfortable makes it easier to relax, and many people find imagery is easier to do if they recline, while others find it better to sit straight https://www.jerseyonsale.us with feet on the floor or in a cross legged position.

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