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best use of essential oils for stress relief

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It’s true that in the early stages of the disease, people with dementia might fib to cover for memory loss. But most examples of « lying » are dementia symptoms rather than intentional deception. « They’re more like an unconscious defense mechanism, » says Kallmyer.

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We binged « Cougar Town » and « Bob’s Burgers, » because that’s just how we roll now. We watch documentaries and comedies. We try to stay away from the news because it’s just too dammed depressing. There no question that the cultural conversation surrounding affairs reinforces some of America’s most deeply held values: love, honesty, commitment and responsibility that have been the cornerstones of our society. But the intensity of the reactions that the topic provokes can also generate narrowness, hypocrisy and hasty responses. Beyonc counters this tendency to individualize sweeping social realities, placing her own story within the cultural legacy of black men, black women and the violence against both.

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