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All of the conditions of your agreement with the lender will last for the entire term, including your interest rate.Lengthier terms usually come with higher rates, because you’re protecting yourself from big interest rate hikes for a longer period of time. It’s not always so simple, though; sometimes market conditions will see lenders charge a premium for a shorter term.What’s the right term while rates are so low? ITTIGallery / Shutterstock »The answer is different for every homebuyer, » says Jesse Abrams, co founder and CEO of Homewise, an online mortgage brokerage based in Toronto.For homeowners who don’t plan to move within the next five years, Abrams says a longer term is a better choice because five year rates are right now.They’re usually a bit more expensive than shorter terms, but you’ll score a dependable rate and payment that won’t fluctuate with today’s. The benefit that has on your budgeting can’t be overstated.The other advantage to a longer term is that it can survive a big or surprising life change.

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