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It leads up into the MummyRange in the park’s northern section. Sprague Lake Trailhead is just down the road from BearLake so expect crowds. From here you can access Storm Pass Trail which eventually connects to the East Longs Peak Trail. She might do it a ‘hunderd’ times before he learns.In terms of phonetic differences from the rest of the country, here are some classic Philadelphia distinctions:In Philadelphia, the ‘ow’ sound shifts to a short ‘a’ sound, so that a towel becomes a ‘tal’ and an owl becomes an ‘al’.There is also a local preference for pronouncing an ‘l’ in the middle of a word in a way that avoids pressing the tongue against the front teeth. This creates a barely perceptible ‘gl’ where one would normally expect a simple ‘l’ sound.Philadelphians tend to drop the ‘t’ sound in the middle of a word. Consider for example the Walt Whitman bridge, which connects Philadelphia to New Jersey.

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