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As for the virus, IIRC epidemiologists are now saying that patient zero coque samsung galaxy a5 2017 paillettes was traced to be someone who had never been to the seafood market, and being coque protection huawei p30 pro a young person with healthy immune system, only experienced cold like symptoms. But they cdiscount coque samsung galaxy a6 were unknowingly carrying a new strain of virus that is deadly to those with renal and liver issues. That seems to imply the virus was something that appeared from humans.

What you coque samsung galaxy core plus football saying makes sense but I just coque samsung galaxy a5 mignon hope universities aren feeling forced into doing it for the sake of coque huawei mate10 pro quite meaningless rigged rankings.

I guess there is enough room for both Chinese and foreign students to grow side by side.

I disagree about having coque samsung tablette a6 amazon « prestigious » schools according to the current metric is any useful. Among the non American Western countries, the ones that are the most coque samsung galaxy s6 star wars r2d2 advanced, France and coque etui huawei p30 pro Germany, coque samsung grand prime pikachu are very weak in rankings. Ranking is cheap and what actually coque samsung s7 edge luxe speaks is national tech results.

The coque samsung j3 2017 mandala reason America has a strong scientific sector is simply having a large economy and big population.

This is not a good thing. Universities are bringing in foreigners to get their tuition cash and for climbing meaningless rankings. These coque samsung tablette galaxy tab e things won make the universities any better fnac coque samsung coque huawei y6 pro silicone s6 edge plus at providing an education or advancing science, which is what actually benefits everyone.

Especially in the case of Africa where the students are hardly coming from institutions with strong background. They hardly sharing world class breakthroughs in coque samsung galaxy a5 2017 marin exchange for partaking from our world class breakthroughs. It is an unequal exchange.

If its coque samsung galaxy ace s5839i ebay possible to spare money towards it, it would be ideal if the government can subsidise select universities to make up for taking less international students and to ignore huawei p30 pro coque English language biased rankings in favor of offering high quality programs.

These unis might suffer in « prestige » but will provide higher quality graduates and won coque samsung galaxy s6 anti choc bleed as much connections/knowledge to other countries who could appropriate it or even pass it on to hostile countries.

Regardless of specific cause within the seafood « market », it is clear that these unnecessary displays are what causes disease. It is rare for disease to spring up in countries where food markets are extremely sanitized, and coque samsung s7 edge s view there is no reason for ours not to be either.

The last 4 worrying epidemics came from West Africa (Ebola), US/Mexico (H1N1), Brazil (zika) and finally China itself (SARS). Improper conditions for animals and filthy underground markets are an unifying factor in all cases.

Diseases have not sprung up in Poland, Ukraine or Denmark, agricultural countries which almost only eat industrial farmed animals from supermarkets.

There needs to be an absolute ban on all animals which are not traditional to human consumption, cannot be handled safely and eaten as a status symbol. If a person wants to coque samsung galaxy s6 edge plus tete de mort eat coque samsung j5 2016 rose bat or snake, they can coque huawei p10 pro go to Africa or America and do it, then they can be screened for fever or other symptoms when they come home. That way, coque samsung galaxy s4 silicone swag even if they are infected, it will be easy to quarantine a single person.

The rich and young eat weird stuff for the heck of it, and the old, poor and already sick pay the price for their behavior. It fucked up.

«  »seasonal »" sickness just means uncontained sickness, let get that out of the way. And there are hardly any effective cures since many many people die. Don adopt CIA bot arguments.

While it very unfortunate for the victims, especially older people with weakened immune systems, statistically the effect on GDP would probably be non existent. People will still shop and keep internal consumption going, and a major part of GDP is the housing market. The 2009 Pandemic was extremely serious in scope but whatever (if any) economic damage it made pales to the 2008 housing crash…

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