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About Green Wedding Shoes

At Green Wedding Shoes, we are boucles d’oreilles argent licorne truly. madly. deeply. head over heels in love with love. We love sharing weddings design original mode fille temperament goutte boucles doreilles exquise femmes boucles doreilles with our readers and believe that there is no way to throw boucles d’oreilles argent pierre bleu a boucles d’oreilles argent femme pas cher wedding. Whether you dreaming of an intimate wedding on a farm, a weekend camping adventure or a handmade wedding in a loft, we love them all! I love showing couples how their wedding can be all about them and that it ok to break traditions to make the day their boucles d’oreilles argent nouveau geometrique rond carre imprime leopard peau de serpent pendentif boucles doreilles femmes goutte own. Since beginning GWS, our mission has been to help couples personalize their wedding day and make it truly about the two boucles d’oreilles clips histoire d’or of them as a couple, because that is what the day is about, right! boucles d’oreilles argent forme plume We love great valueting mignon style romantique boucles doreilles bijoux couleur or pave de aaa cubique zircon photography because it the one thing you have to remember after the event! And we have lots of great artists boucles d’oreilles argent strass to recommend in our GWS Wedding Artist comment mettre des boucles d’oreilles créoles Guide to help create a GWS wedding. Our site started with us sharing amazing weddings and has now grown to also agatha boucles d’oreilles argent sharing entertaining, lifestyle, DIY and fashion + beauty features so there is really something for everyone!

A bit more about the couple (in love!) behind the site.

Jen and Jason met at work. Jen was working as an Art Director and Jason was the VP of the company (a fun design company that developed websites and created online campaigns for movies). nouvelles femmes mode boucle doreille angle chanceux conception femme bijoux a la mode pour les They quickly realized not only were they a great team at the company, there were becoming best friends and maybe more. Jen left the company for a new role as Creative Director (where she boucles d’oreilles clips qui font mal was a lead boucles d’oreilles clips ethniques designer for ESPN and boucles d’oreilles argent six Yahoo! Sports) and their friendship quickly turned to more.

After a few fermoirs boucles d’oreilles clips years of dating, and the perfect woodland wedding in Jason hometown of Milwaukee, WI, Jen started Green Wedding Shoes to fill a gap she saw in the wedding blog world. Seven boucles d’oreilles argent en soldes years later (and with lots of hard work), we are proud to both call boucles d’oreilles argent fille Green Wedding Shoes our full time gig.

Jen the Editor + Creative Director. She carefully selects each wedding and feature to share on the site as well as well as expanding the GWS brand into a few product boucles d’oreilles boucles doreilles design vintage vintage mignon cerf antler s925 boucles doreilles pour femmes or argent et emeraude launches.

Jason the man behind the site. He runs the ad campaigns, software development and partner relationships. We absolutely love that we get to work with each other everyday on a site that helps inspire so many couples in love. We consider ourselves pretty lucky!

We live in Los Angeles, California and when we aren working on the site, love hanging out with amazon boucles d’oreilles clips our 3 year boucles valueting couleur or rose classique autriche cubique zircon cristal fleur minuscule cubique zircone d’oreilles argent étoile old daughter Sienna. Traveling, listening to music, checking out the newest LA foodie spot and enjoying the amazing LA weather are our favorite things. We definitely find the Southern California lifestyle inspires our design + interests…

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