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The next hairball remedy is laxatives! Laxatives are petroleum based. This allows hairballs to pass through your cat’s digestive system by coating the hair inside the stomach and the stool. This can work one of two ways for your cat’s hairball, in most cases: 1) They will either poop the hairball out; or 2) They will vomit up the hairball easier.

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Similar work practice change deals have already been rejected by staff at Aer Lingus represented by both Siptu and Forsa, leading to an industrial relations crisis at the airline. In a letter sent earlier in the week by Aer Lingus to Siptu it outlined in stark terms the impact of the recent rejection by staff of a ballot on work practice changes. The letter said that the ballot outcome made it clear that « we cannot rely on staff in certain work areas who do not volunteer for redundancy to perform the full range of tasks required going forward »..

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