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New Delhi: Book the date, guys. Bobby Deol’s much talked about digital debut Class Of ’83 is all set to premiere on Netflix on August 21. The 51 year old actor made the release date announcement on Twitter on Thursday morning with a brand new poster featuring himself in his onscreen persona, also revealing that the trailer will be dropped on Friday.

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Supporters of this belief have shifted from purchasing commercial dog food to feeding their household pets with raw food. Initially, the raw diet for dogs had to be prepared manually by grinding raw meat, fresh vegetables and throwing in some bone. But now, there are commercialized per prepared raw dog foods that can be put in the freezer, thawed, and fed to pets.

Muscle and bone mass is not lost during your 30s. However, when you’ve been busy at work, with stuff at home and you haven’t been living a healthy lifestyle, that’s when it all goes downhill. But it’s not too late, follow these 5 tips to still keep you fit in your 30s.

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