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After taking the first of three games in Tampa with a commanding margin of victory, the Yankees struggled greatly to build upon Travis Hafner RBI single in the first inning in Game 2. The Rays tied the game in the fifth and added 2 more runs in the seventh to take a 3 1 lead, but with two outs in the ninth a Brenan Boesch RBI double brought Lyle Overbay home and Bret Gardner subsequent single scored Boesch to tie the game. Ivan Nova came on to pitch the tenth inning and keep the game going, giving Overbay a chance to take back the lead with a solo shot in the eleventh.

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https://www.sunshinejerseys.top nba cheap jerseys I had this discussion with friends. I personally feel like if the protestors genuinely cared about their own communities, as they hold themselves out to do, they would press pause on the protests for the same reason already articulated, that it puts a strain on emergency resources that are clearly needed to tamper the looting and destruction that going on throughout the city. The looters are literally taking direct advantage of the strained resources to satisfy their own greed.

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