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29th April 2010Quote: « I listen to her as a mother, and in that way I really appreciate her music. I was scared about my kids listening to the radio, but thankfully Taylor Swift is one of the artists that my daughter really hung on to. She’s real. » Melissa Etheridge gives TAYLOR SWIFT the thumbs up..

This advantage of the North over the South ultimately helped the North win the war four years later. For instance, there were 22,000 miles of railroads in the North and West compared to 9,000 miles in the South. This made it a lot easier for the North than the South to transport soldiers and equipment from one place to another during the war..

« This is a global situation and everyone is effected on a large scale, » McCollum said. « People are losing jobs, people are trying to figure out how to feed families. All you can do right now is take care of your family, take care of your friends and make sure everyone is good, physically and emotionally. ».

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Know that there probably greater risk [of infection] in healthcare settings just because of the nature of the work that being done and the patients who are here, says Dr. Erica Shenoy, associate chief of the infection control unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. Masks used with handwashing, eye protection, gloves and gowns help protect health care workers as they have sustained interactions with people infected with COVID 19.

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