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South Korea won that first game, 4 0, before Curacao responded Thursday with a 5 3 win behind tremendous pitching.That win was also the third consecutive elimination game the team won, having beat Canada (8 1) and Venezuela (9 2) before knocking out the Asia Pacific champions.Jurdrick Profar and Curley Martha combined to strike out 13 batters to advance to the International championship game today and allowed just four combined hits, only one of which was for an extra base.Profar has two older brothers who have played in the Little League World Series, and his oldest brother, Major League player Jurickson Profar, gave him some advice when he qualified for the Series.keep having fun and never back down, Jurdrick Profar said.And that the type of baseball Curacao has played. The team hasn backed down once since falling into the elimination bracket and while some teams start to use up pitchers and don know who to throw, Curacao doesn have that problem and has a solid pitching staff.In its five games played, Curacao has thrown a total of six pitchers and each one has had success. Of those six, combined the team has allowed just five earned runs, and three were against South Korea on Thursday.Profar threw 85 pitches against South Korea, meaning he isn eligible to throw the remainder of the World Series.

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