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Riding on the highest ever sale of urea and traded fertilizers, your company witnessed improved profitability and PBT went up to Rs. 335 crore in 2017 18, the best ever in last fifteen years. This is after keeping the provisions of Rs. It’s up to the landlord to prove that the tenant did get what they paid for. Other than a lease, what landlord can prove the tenant got what they paid for? Is there a receipt of goods, a signed acceptance of services, or that all was correct for the month? Nope, it’s just an automated thing. Adding that credit cards provide 90 days to dispute a charge and you can see the HUGE issue with accepting them as payments.

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An MLB player has homered in six or more consecutive games only 32 times. Six players have done it seven times and three Ken Griffey Jr., Don Mattingly, and Dale Long have eight game streaks with a homer. Paul Goldschmidt was the most recent player to homer six games in a row; he accomplished the feat in July 2019..

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