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Afraid of Needles: There was a subplot where Chekov was reluctant to being poked and prodded in hopes of finding a cure. Unfortunately, these scenes are cut from the syndicated version of the remastered episode. They are intact on the DVD. Ass Pull: In universe; in a Call Back to « The Corbomite Maneuver », Kirk convinces the Romulans that the Enterprise will explode if continuously fired upon, also taking out all ships in area. Chekov (who was not present for the original episode; Sulu must have told him) can hardly contain his giggles. Badass Decay: The first time the Romulans appeared, one plasma torpedo nearly destroyed the Enterprise. Here, a whole barrage doesn’t quite bring down her Deflector Shields. Bluff the Eavesdropper: Kirk orders Uhura to send the message about the Corbomite in a code already broken by the Romulans. The Casanova: Oh, look, it’s another of Kirk’s ex girlfriends. How did he manage to graduate from the academy and rise to command a starship while simultaneously loving and leaving what seems to be at least half the women in the galaxy? Chekhov’s Gun: One of the signs of Kirk’s mental deterioration is forgetting that the Romulans have broken Code 2. After he recovers, he uses the fact to bluff the Romulans. Chekov’s Freak Out! upon discovering the dead body ends up providing the secret to countering the radiation. Crack! « Oh, My Back! »: After his gratuitous Shirtless Scene, Kirk realizes his back hurts and goes to see Bones about it. He’s shocked to hear that it’s advanced arthritis. Due to the Dead: When Robert and Elaine arrive and see the landing party gathered around the corpse, Robert (too far gone in senility to understand the situation) remarks that they’ve « come to pay their respects to Alvin ». Bones doesn’t have to say « He’s dead http://lyceenordcaraibe.com/he-apparently-held-a-very-brief-tenure-at-hanna-barbera/, Jim » when Robert Johnson does it. He just pulls a sheet over his face. First Gray Hair: Bones is not amused when Kirk points this out. Get Out: Kirk says this to Spock upon learning that he’s been relieved of command in favor of Stocker. Girl of the Week: Dr. Janet Wallace is an Old Flame of Kirk’s. Unfortunately for him, she has since married. And been widowed (Kirk sent her a « star gram » of condolence, his only communication with her since their breakup more than six years earlier). Grumpy Old Man: Bones becomes one. Of course, it helps that he started as a grumpy middle aged man. Kirk shows signs of this as his command was taken away. Spock becomes a mild one as he complains incessantly about being cold. Hard Work Montage: A brief one to show Bones, Dr. Wallace and Nurse Chapel all hard at work trying to make an antidote. He’s Back: It’s all over everyone’s faces when a cured Kirk takes back command of his ship. I’m a Doctor, Not a Placeholder: Bones: I’m not a magician, Spock, just an old country doctor.

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