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Maybe the problem is not that RandBall is gleefully reveling in his cruelty to his hockey loving readership. Maybe the problem is that he just doesn’t know how to write about hockey. And if that is the problem, maybe we need to recognize the real issue.

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cheap nba jerseys Without the woman, a huge piece of the puzzle that we call the family is missing. They bring a different perspective on things. They balance out the man in their approach to raising children. Perhaps it was disingenuous for George Plimpton to insist for so long that he was above all else an « am uh ter. » Yes, this tweedy beanpole would lark off from his day job only editing The Paris Review, the world champion lit mag, for almost 50 years so that he could have a go at goaltending for the Boston Bruins, or bomb as a stand up comic, or pitch to Mickey Mantle. Was this « participatory journalism, » as he put it, or maybe proto performance art media manipulation there were those TV specials and, later, endorsement deals that would make Orson Welles blush or just some kind of make a wish dilettantism? Crammed with lit world walk ons and delicious anecdotes, the agreeable new doc Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself posits that he was all this and more. But the doc also treats us to affecting, insightful passages from Paper Lion, his great account of training as a quarterback for the Detroit Lions, confirming that, often enough, the work was as substantial as his efforts as an athlete were minor cheap nba jerseys.

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