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The league will tell you that would have set a bad precedent for other cities seeking a similar arrangement, but San Diego isn’t just any city, and this wouldn’t have been just any stadium. I’m not saying it would have been easy to pull off. It needed some creative thinking from motivated visionaries who valued San Diego, but no one fitting that description was apparently in the room..

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If you want to be someone who increases the amount of luck that you receive, it is clear that you have to change your perspective and work at your self esteem, be more laid back and be open to the different opportunities which naturally present themselves, as well as expecting success to happen. If we are lucky or unlucky, it is a thing outwith our control. If we can influence luck then it is not luck, but rather I suggest; enhancement of outcome by enhancement of input.

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Een overijverige journalist van het AD greep dit rapport aan om, met de pakkende titel « e sigaret net zo gevaarlijk als uw eigen peuk », een tendentieus en subjectief artikel te schrijven dat vervolgens klakkeloos door alle media werd gekopieerd. Staatssecretaris Van Rijn reageerde vervolgens met de boodschap dat hij snel nadere wetgeving zou opstellen. Dat wil zeggen: nog vr het mei reces (!)..

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