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Coffee and beer are the latest trendy indulgence for coffee-lovers in Canberra, with many cafes reporting strong growth in popularity with students and visitors to the capital, according to an online survey.

The survey released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the University of New South Wales says some cafe operators are reporting record numbers of business day customers.

« We think it’s a good indication that Australia’s coffee habit has started to take off and that some businesses are responding to the growing consumer demand, » Australian Institute of Health and Welfare health education researcher David Anderson says.

« For example, last year, there was a large number of businesses doing coffee night as part of the week. It may be less popular among regular customers, but they’re able to draw a large customer base. »

In a similar online survey in October, most businesses reported similar growth.

The survey also suggests there’s still considerable research to be done on coffee habits of people around the country.

For example, research from the University of New South Wales suggests Australians are much more likely to drink tea, with one in seven Australians having tea in the morning, up from 1.6 per cent in 2008.

However, some study, and data on coffee바카라사이트 consumption, are just emerging and often hard to make sense of.

More than 90 per cent of Australians drink at least one cup of coffee a day, according to the latest National Survey of Alcohol and Related Conditions (NASSOC). But it also reports that some people are « flipping » a bit of the drinking pattern to fit their habits.

For example, among Australians in Sydney, drinking coffee in the afternoon may seem more normal than drinking it at other times. But coffee enthusiasts are a lot monatyasastra.comre likely to do so on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the NASSOC survey found.

« One thing that’s really interesting about this survey, and what this research has suggested to me, is that some people do seem to shift the pattern in some ways in terms of when they drink their coffee and how often. We’ve seen some evidence that a little bit more of a shift in a shift in the habits, » Mr Anderson says.

For instance, one thing that may be unique to Sydney are the days and times during which people drink at home.

Coffee is one of the fastest growing alcohol-friendly drinks and the « day » that everyone drinks their c바카라사이트offee ma

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