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Hideki Matsuyama: He is a sleeping giant at a great price this weekend. One of the premiere ball strikers on tour still ranks in the Top 15. He has three top 25 finishes in his past four starts on Tour. In its flight trajectory, it also managed to hit a tree which smashed the roof down onto Matt’s head, cracking 5 vertebrae in his neck. At least he had his seatbelt on, I did not. As I wasn’t restrained in the seat, the airbag and my face met with enough impact to break every bone in my face, including my nose and jaw.

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This oil is not an acne scar home remedy as such (it does not directly help your skin) however it works by removing all the gunk and grease that might be clogging up your skin. All skin especially the face is target to a lot of environmental abuse and olive oil offers a highly effective way of removing it. Remember to wash your face very well afterwards to avoid clogging up your face with, well, olive oil.

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