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Do you feel that way? « It definitely a calling. It a tough decision. Do you go to the National Football League or do you go to these high school kids? I just felt like the biggest impact I make as a coach was going to be at the high school level. »Q: How often do you get asked about The Strip of Lamar Thomas in the Sugar Bowl? « I can think of a week that I don talk about it, whether it something that comes across on Twitter or just being at someone house.

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I walked in the house, met Joe, Maryanne, their two beautiful children, and then Charlie. I said he’s a beautiful Pit. They asked, « What Pit? » The shelter told them he was a mixed terrier. Don know what to say to make you feel better but if that helps then I really proud of you. I adore your dedication and I adore the love and enthusiasm you have for hockey. And I have actual fangirl moments whenever I watch you play.

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No doubt about it a turkey pen with small piles of petrified golden brown dung. We half expected to see wild turkeys clucking loudly trying to chase us away. As if to anticipate our coming, the ancient ones had painted images of turkeys both standing and sitting on the cliff walls behind the pen.

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